Clinics and Services

Child Health Surveillance

Routine checks on the development of babies and children are undertaken in the surgery in conjunction with the health visitors. Please remember to bring your child’s ‘Red Book’ with you.

Long Term Conditions

It is important that patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension, epilepsy, history of ischaemic heart disease and stroke/heart failure are seen at least annually.

Patients Over 75 Years

If you are aged 75 years or over, you should be seen annually either by your doctor, the practice nurse, district nurse or health visitor. This can be arranged at the surgery, or, if that is not possible, a home visit will be arranged for housebound patients.

Non-NHS Examinations

The doctors are happy to carry out medicals eg insurance and driving licence by appointment during surgery hours. Please telephone the surgery for an appointment. Please ask our secretaries for the charges of these services.


Counselling services for bereaved and severely distressed or agitated patients are available by referral after consultation with the doctor.


It is very important that all children are fully immunised against all childhood illnesses. Routine vaccinations (other than those given at school) are given during any normal surgery. The Child Health section operates a computerised recall scheme supplemented by our computerised system.

Tetanus booster injections will be offered following open wounds and during consultations on an ad hoc basis. If you have never had a tetanus injection we strongly recommend that you have a full course of three prophylactic injections to fortify you if you injure yourself.

Flu Vaccination

An influenza vaccination is particularly recommended for patients with heart, lung or kidney disease, diabetes, residents of nursing/rest homes and Carers.

Please contact the reception staff in October for details of the vaccination dates and to make an appointment. If you are a housebound patient a home visit will be arranged to undertake this facility.

Dental Problems

We recommend regular dental care; however, we do not practise dentistry and would urge you to make sure that you are registered with a local dentist.

If you develop toothache or any other dental problem or require pain relief relating to a dental problem you should contact your dentist. If you are unable to do so there is an emergency dental service called Dentaline (by appointment only) on 01634 890300.

Laboratory Specimens

Specimens requiring analysis are sent to the hospital laboratories daily by regular collections which leave the medical centre at approximately 12.30pm from Hoo and 9.30am from Gillingham. Please ensure that samples are properly labelled, secured and handed in well in advance of this time in order that our staff can prepare them for transit. Please do not send samples on a Friday afternoon as these will not be suitable for testing after the weekend.

New Patient Medicals

All new patients who register with our practice should make an appointment with one of the nurses so that their general state of health can be assessed and any ongoing medical problems reviewed. This also gives an opportunity to meet you personally and put ‘names to faces’ and so that you know where to find us. Please bring a sample of urine with you. Those patients who take medication on a repeat basis must make an appointment to see a doctor before asking for any repeat medicines.

Pregnancy Testing

If you think you may be pregnant, please speak to your local pharmacist, who may provide a pregnancy testing service or can recommend one of the commercial testing products. Once confirmed please register online for a Midwife.

Cervical Smear Tests

It is important that all women aged 25 to 49 years have a cervical smear every three years, and those aged between 50 to 64 every five years. The Health Authority Recall Scheme will send you an invitation for a test on our behalf. We feel it is preferable for smear tests to be taken by our nurse or doctor at the surgery. Please let us know if you have had a smear elsewhere, eg at the hospital or family planning clinic.


Clinics by appointment at Hoo only, by our HCA's  

First Contact Physio

We have recently been joined by a MSK Specialist. Clinics run on a weekly basis on a Tuesday, by appointment only.

Social Prescriber

We have been allocated two Social Prescribers from our Primary Care Network.

Social prescribing is a way for local agencies to refer people to a link worker. Link workers give people time and focus on what matters to them and taking a hollistic approach to peoples health and well being They connect people to community groups and statutory services for practical and emotional support.

Clinical Pharmacist

Allocated from the Primary Care Network and is available for Medication Reviews by appointment only.

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